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FSA Electronic groupset K-FORCE WE - Italian design and Taiwanese precision. Materials such as carbon, steel, and titanium give this set a low weight of precision and durability. This electronic groupset offers wireless lever radiation coupled via Bluetooth to the brain of the whole set and this is a front derailleur. The 4000-kilometer high-capacity battery, connected with a derailleur and a dashboard, ensures fast and smooth shifting. The WE DASHBOARD application on your mobile phone allows you to set up an electronic set, adjust the speed, smoothness and tracking of the most commonly used gears and grading. It also allows you to monitor the battery capacity and set the sleep mode of the whole grouset.
Grouset contains:
olevers front and rear
orear derailleur
ofront derailleur
oBattery+ cables
oCassette 11-28/11-32,
975.000 Ft
Gyártó: FSA