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Extend OXID országúti fejvédő

15.990 Ft
Elérhetőség: Raktáron
Gyártó: Extend
Cycling helmet Extend OXID belongs to TOP category of cycling helmets.
It´s made out by in-mould double-shell technology, what´s an unique technology used by premium brands with the inner shape optimalized to reach the most of people head shape with the utmost comfort while wearing this helmet model.
Model OXID combines unique style, with matt and shine shell finish in one. Having this model, you can belong to group of people, who are enjoying the best of feeling every time, while they are wearing this helmet. And of course, this model also reaches the quality standard and is CE approved.
This model is highly recommended for all, who love their own outfit style, love beautiful models and think more trendy.
Really unique and stylish outer shell shape allows use this model almost for all cycling styles, and save your money, because you don´t need special helmet for different days, when you go outside enjoy your ride anymore.
Helmet OXID offers platform for outdoor cameras, so you can share your nice and adrenaline videos with your friends.
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