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Windproof, rainproof and breathable at the same time, it is a simple description of new model SCULPIN, that is made out of the neoprene material and coming for winter season.
SCULPIN brings new style of gloves, and lots of fun during the long winter season, while keeping your hands in thermal comfort in temperature until -10°C.
No more compromises!!! 3 color versions: black, grey, neon green and wide range of sizes: from XS to XXL offer to all who really want to go outside and do favourite sport, lots of options to enjoy.
Bike, cross-country skiing or running ... those are just a few options you have for choice while wearing our new winter gloves model.
Be assured, it´s no problem for SCULPIN!

• anatomical fit for comfort
• breathable, rain proof and windproof construction
• active printing at forefinger and thumb allows use cellphone
• silicone printing at fingers and palm for better grip
• 3M reflective printing and 2D logo EXTEND at forefinger for higher safety
• elastic wristband closure
• thumb area with a towel
6.990 Ft 3.990 Ft
Gyártó: Extend