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VISION TriMax 35KB kerékszett

314.990 Ft
Elérhetőség: Rendelhető
Gyártó: Vision
The Vision TriMax 35 offers a lightweight combination alloy rim. With a wind cutting 35mm depth, and a bump softening width of 17mm, this wheelset is a true winner. Add in the fully adjustable P.R.A. hub and aero bladed spokes to these hand built wheels and you are in for a smooth ride no matter if you are on the flats or in the hills, or anywhere in between.

• Alloy 35mm deep clincher rim
• Interspoke milling R06 system
• Extra light PRA hubs for DP spokes
• Black anodized CNC braking surfaces
• 6 sealed cartridge bearings (2F + 4R) mounted on 17mm axle diameter
• Black Aero bladed spokes
• Artisanal built, entirely by hand
• Includes QR and rim tape
• Rims - sandblasted black anodized (The black braking surface is an aesthetic finishing, it will change color during use)

• Alloy free-hub body for Shimano 10-11speed
• Spokes (F/R): 16 radial front wheel; 21 rear wheel, 14 cross 3 drive side and 7 radial non drive side (2:1 Ratio)
• Weight 1630g / set (w/o QR)


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